Three Things to Know About “Public Chatter”

We’re very excited to bring our new site to you: “Public Chatter.”  Here are three things you should know:

  1. Our New Daily Blog

We’ll be blogging daily, writing in a conversational style that we hope you find engaging and easy to read. We’ll not only cover the latest ESG, capital markets and securities law developments, but also the topics that you deal with in your daily practice.

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  1. Our “Quick Alerts” and “Guides”

When there is a new development, we’ll be pushing out a “Quick Alert” that gives you the practical guidance you need in under a page – not just a TLDR version of those several-hundred-page SEC rulemaking releases.

And for those ordinary course corporate and securities topics, “Guides” will collect a few blogs’ worth of material to give you what you really need to know. How to come at an issue that’s new to you, or you haven’t touched in a few years, from those of us who get the tough questions every week.

  1. Why “Public Chatter”?

Securities lawyers may have a reputation for being dull and risk-averse, but we know that our practices are driven by (lots of) rules and requirements filled with wide open spaces for interpretation. We regularly get to have great conversations with our clients and colleagues to consider complex questions, and are looking forward to Public Chatter providing an opportunity to share these discussions – and our insights – more broadly.

In the current moment, the business world is coming to understand the immense benefits of people bringing their diverse and authentic selves to work. Public Chatter will feature the layered and authentic views of this group of corporate and securities lawyers, just like we bring to our work every day.