Photo of Bo Uuganbayar

Bo Uuganbayar represents publicly traded companies as well as high-growth privately held companies and their investors through all stages of the business life cycle. Her practice covers a range of corporate and transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions, corporate governance, and venture financings. Prior to joining the firm, she worked in climate communication and sustainability strategy.

Bo is a graduate of Yale University and Stanford Law School. She received the Judge Thelton E. Henderson Prize for Outstanding Performance for her clinic work on housing and disability rights. Bo maintains an active pro bono practice focused on helping the underserved, particularly at the intersection of social and climate justice. She serves on the board of directors of EarthShare Washington and is a passionate climate advocate.

A few weeks ago, SEC Commissioner Crenshaw delivered a speech on SPACs that’s worth reading. Agree or disagree, it’s an excellent summary of the policy considerations behind the SEC’s recent rule proposal regarding SPAC IPOs – and a helpful reminder of the challenges to keep in mind for those navigating a SPAC transaction. Here’s the

Any time that the SEC Staff talks “materiality,” it’s worth listening given the importance of that determination. Last week, the SEC’s Acting Chief Accountant – Paul Munter – issued a statement regarding the correction of material errors in financials and how to assess materiality in this context. As always, when considering materiality in the financials

Last week, the SEC proposed changes to its beneficial reporting framework. Here’s the press release, a statement by Chair Gensler – and here’s the 193-page proposing release. The Schedule 13D/13G framework was designed more than 50 years ago to provide early warning for shareholders, companies, and the market in general of impending corporate