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Jacob Hasler is a knowledge management (KM) attorney supporting the firm’s business practices, specifically Corporate & Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Emerging Companies & Venture Capital. As a KM attorney, Jacob helps capture and organize the firm’s institutional knowledge in ways that ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality legal services. This involves managing the creation and upkeep of legal templates, automating documents, improving workflows, vetting and implementing KM technology tools, and pursuing other information sharing initiatives. Prior to taking on his current role, Jacob was an associate in the firm’s Business practice.

Lawyers use precedent documents all the time. Outsiders may say it’s done out of laziness, but there’s much more to it. Here are three reasons why precedent documents are your friend when rethinking your board committee charters and corporate governance guidelines:

1. Tap into knowledge of peers – Maybe another company has a governance practice

Here is a crazy thing to be aware of. Ransomware actors are targeting companies involved in significant, time-sensitive financial events. Cyber criminals identify non-publicly available information, which they threaten to release in an effort to entice victims to comply with ransom demands.

That’s right. Your deal – including an IPO – could be used against