Last month, the California legislature adopted two wide-ranging climate disclosure bills that will require extensive disclosure from larger public – and private – companies. California Governor Newsom signed the two bills, SB 253 and SB 261, over the weekend.

Here are 9 things to know:

  1. SB 253 requires any business entity with $1 billion

Following up on this blog about the challenges of being in-house and handling your emotional intelligence, here’s another excerpt from this piece that I wrote with Sarah Kalgaard, General Counsel of Vital Images, for the Association of Corporate Counsel – this excerpt is our #1 point, “Building Relationships”:

With your supervisor: Depending on the law

So many companies have already announced a climate pledge that this topic has sort of been beaten to death. But some of the issues to consider bear repeating for those who still haven’t taken the plunge. Some companies have a kneejerk reaction to say, “of course, we can be net zero by 2050.”

But you

You might find that potential customers or suppliers suddenly get cold feet with you. They indicate you’re not environmentally-friendly enough for their business. Your company is green and complies with environmental laws. What gives?

It simply could be a matter of a governmental administrative mishap. Something related to your company in one of the many