Here’s the third of the 21 hats that the corporate secretary wears (here’s the blog about the second hat): “You’re in the middle of the spider web. Some describe the corporate secretary job as the following: “consider the board as a wheel: you’re the hub and the directors are the spokes.”

It’s not that you’re

This is the second of the 21 hats that the corporate secretary wears (here’s the blog about the first hat): When you’re wearing 21 hats, you’d better be organized. Otherwise, there’s no way you can cope with all that you need to handle. So perhaps this skill is the most critical for the corporate secretarial

Here’s something that I penned for “Insights” two years ago for my 20th year anniversary as a securities law blogger – it will be 22 years next week! Given my experience, I thought I would share a few ideas about what it takes to become a blogger that people will enjoy:

The first thing

Recently, I blogged about how the corporate secretary wears 21 hats. The first hat that a corporate secretary wears is that they serve as a “jack of all trades.”

Okay, right off the bat, I’ve confused myself. I Googled the definition of “jack of all trades” and it immediately took me to the phrase that

I didn’t start my legal career knowing I was going to be a securities lawyer. I didn’t even take “Securities Regulation” in law school. I thought I was going to be a prosecutor. Thankfully, my first firm had a policy of bringing in first-year associates unassigned so we could try out different practice areas.


We shall see the final climate rule from the SEC tomorrow – and there surely will be much ink spilled on what will now be required (as of the compliance dates that the SEC chooses). There also will be much conjecture on the nature – and the number perhaps – of lawsuits filed challenging the

Another in the “newbies” series: The people that wear the corporate secretary’s hat are among the most amazing people you could meet. Their wide range of skills are incredible to behold. Yet, they are among the humblest—the nicest—people around.

When you look at the incredibly wide swath of things they do—the unfathomable number of hats

Here’s a topic that hasn’t been written about – but that I hear a lot about – so you’re likely to encounter it if you do this stuff long enough. A member on your board seeks to take a prolonged leave of absence for personal or other reasons. Maybe the director has scheduled surgery and