In addition to the “Deep Dive Into the SEC’s Materiality Trigger” Client Update that I blogged about last week, we now have a new Client Update by David Aaron entitled “Updating Corporate and Cybersecurity Practices To Satisfy the SEC’s Final Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules: Assessing Materiality of Cybersecurity Incidents.” Check it out! [Don’t

Alas, even the SEC’s registration filing fees aren’t immune to inflation.  Recently, the SEC announced a nearly 34% increase to its registration fees.  Beginning October 1, 2023 – which is the start of the SEC’s fiscal year – the registration fee rate will increase from $110.20 per million dollars to $147.60 per million dollars. 


Last Friday, Corp Fin issued five new 10b5-1 plan CDIs – three under the Exchange Act Rules and two under Regulation S-K – to provide welcome clarifications for a variety of situations, ranging from the new Form 4 checkbox, cooling-off period calculations, overlapping plans that deal with 401(k) plans, and what to disclose about trading