As we blogged back then, the SEC changed its rules last summer to finally mandate the Edgar filing of those few forms that were still being permitted to be filed in paper – mainly Form 144s and glossy annual reports. At the time, the SEC provided a six-month transition period for electronic filings of glossy

A few days ago, Nasdaq filed a rule change with the SEC that was declared effective immediately. This rule change was filed to simplify the deadline language of the board diversity listing standards that were adopted in August 2021. The diversity matrix disclosure aspect of the standards became effective in 2022. But, the listing standard

Yesterday, the SEC adopted new rules that:

  • Amend Rule 10b5-1 to add new conditions to the availability of the affirmative defense to insider trading liability,
  • Impose new disclosure requirements for periodic reports, proxy and information statements regarding insider trading policies, trading plans of insiders and option grant practices, and
  • Amend Section 16 filing requirements.