Here’s a Client Update about a recent conference in which senior SEC Enforcement Staffers discussed the increase in whistleblower tips and the invaluable assistance that whistleblowers provide to the SEC’s investigations, as well as how the Staff is particularly focused on gatekeepers, crypto, cybersecurity, financial disclosures, and insider trading. Check it out for more details!

Last month, the California legislature adopted two wide-ranging climate disclosure bills that will require extensive disclosure from larger public – and private – companies. California Governor Newsom signed the two bills, SB 253 and SB 261, over the weekend.

Here are 9 things to know:

  1. SB 253 requires any business entity with $1 billion

Last week, Corp Fin issued nine new CDIs providing further guidance on S-K Item 402(v) pay vs. performance disclosures, supplementing the 15 CDIs issued back in February. These new CDIs include helpful clarifications on fair value calculation and other topics. Corp Fin also updated CDI 118.08 to clarify the application of prior guidance on S-K

In addition to the “Deep Dive Into the SEC’s Materiality Trigger” Client Update that I blogged about last week, we now have a new Client Update by David Aaron entitled “Updating Corporate and Cybersecurity Practices To Satisfy the SEC’s Final Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules: Assessing Materiality of Cybersecurity Incidents.” Check it out! [Don’t