A few days ago, as noted in this press release, the ISSB released its initial climate disclosure standards. Two standards were released: IFRS S1 provides a general set of disclosure requirements designed to enable companies to communicate to investors about the sustainability-related risks and opportunities – including addressing governance, strategy, risk management and performance

The last few years, we’ve been reporting about the numerous challenges to California’s board gender diversity statute (known as SB 826) and the board diversity statute regarding “underrepresented communities” (known as AB 979). As we blogged last year, the plaintiffs won two state court cases on state constitutional grounds – in Crest v. Padilla I

Here’s a new monthly feature for you – a quick snapshot of recent developments:

  • The Chamber of Commerce has sued the SEC over the new share repurchase rules, alleging violations of the Administrative Procedures Act and the First
  • Here’s an excerpt from this Client Update penned by Michael Huston, Eric Wolff, and Stephanie Olson:

    “The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to review a case taking direct aim at “overregulation” by federal administrative agencies. Any client or business that routinely deals with federal administrative agencies, especially those that have experienced administrative