It’s strange enough that the proposal for financial institutions to limit incentive pay remains unimplemented 14 years after Section 956 of Dodd-Frank mandated it, but it’s perhaps as strange that a group of banking regulators just re-proposed draft rules from 2016 and that the SEC is not among the agencies that re-proposed the rules. Then

Here’s the third of the 21 hats that the corporate secretary wears (here’s the blog about the second hat): “You’re in the middle of the spider web. Some describe the corporate secretary job as the following: “consider the board as a wheel: you’re the hub and the directors are the spokes.”

It’s not that you’re

Here’s our latest edition of our monthly feature – a quick snapshot of recent developments:

  1. There continue to be developments worth noting related to challenges to the SEC’s climate disclosure rules, including:

    – 31 Congresspeople (30 Republicans and one Democrat) introduced this joint resolution under the Congressional Review Act to try to have the rules