This excerpt from this Client Update explains why you should read the full Update: “Prospective buyers and target companies should carefully consider how these new CTA regulations may apply to the complicated corporate structures commonly used in mergers and acquisition transactions. In addition, in the M&A context, these regulations will mandate new processes for forming

Here’s an excerpt from this new Client Update: “Beginning January 1, 2024, the CTA will require most entities formed in the United States to disclose to FinCEN information describing their “beneficial owners,” which include owners, officers, and control persons. The disclosed information is referred to as “beneficial ownership information” (BOI). There are 23 exemptions

Here’s the conclusion from this “White Collar Briefly” blog penned by Ben Estes:

“The court’s summary judgment decision in Panuwat sends conflicting messages about the breadth of insider trading liability under the SEC’s shadow trading theory.  Several aspects of the decision indicate that the shadow trading theory can only apply to a narrow set of